Jonomade Gin was born out of an accident; Josh had just returned to New Zealand to start his sport’s degree at Auckland University, when he had to undergo a second knee reconstruction, putting that plan on hold indefinitely. He was laid up in bed for six weeks, getting grumpier with each passing day, when we asked, well if you could do anything what would you do? Gin was the answer…

Matt took Josh to the pub on crutches to discuss what they liked and disliked about gin, they decided they wanted to develop a gin that would stand up to the tonic, being complimented by it, rather than being drowned.

So, a few weeks later, business plan in hand, bags packed we headed back to England to start our adventure.

As Jonomade Gin is a family owned and operated micro distillery in the heart of Kent, we wanted our family to be reflect in our company name and logo, so our name is a wee bit of each of us, Jo for Josh, No for Noah (our youngest son), Ma for Matt and De for Debbie. There is a horizontal line for each of us.

Our label echoes our dual heritage, which we are fiercely proud of, Matt and Noah are both New Zealanders; Josh and Debbie are Brits, as we all have a love for both countries and feel we are blended citizens of both, our Classic logo is a blend of the juniper berry and leaf colours.

Matt and Josh set about developing our Classic gin, with Aroha our baby stove top still. 
27 iterations later and we were ready to launch… at the end of August 2019. Classic was awarded a silver medal at the 2021 London Spirit Awards.

As well as launching with our Classic, we produced a navy strength with this recipe, Dick’s Drop, named for a beloved, father and grandfather who was, of course a navy officer. Dick’s Drop was awarded a bronze medal at the 2020 and a silver at the 2021 London Spirit Awards.

Our next flavour was Dolly’s Mix. This was made in the memory of Dick’s wife; an amazing mother and grandmother, Dolly who was known for her sweet tooth. Dolly’s Mix, is a pink gin, naturally coloured with cherries and raspberries and naturally sweetened. Dolly’s Mix was awarded a silver medal at the 2020 and 2021 London Spirit Awards.

Our latest flavour is Nana’s Nip. Again, this was developed to honour the memory of one of our influential and beloved family members; so Nana’s Nip was named for Matt’s grandmother, Annie. Annie loved a gin and orange at the end of the day, so this gin is an orange led London Dry. Nana’s Nip was awarded a silver medal at 2021 London Spirit Awards. As well as developing a gin in honour of Annie, our small batch still is named Annie. Annie is a beautiful moonshine still from Kentucky.

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